Jamie and her daughter, 2/7/15

PICTUREMother and daughter no longer have to live in their car —

Jamie and her daughter bring our total people placed to 62. After having medical issues and not being able to work for a month, Jamie fell behind on her rent and was evicted. As a result, she and her 3 year old daughter became homeless and had to sleep in their car most nights, and occasionally in a motel when she had the money. Determined to get out of her situation, Jamie started working 2 jobs. Knowing it was going to take a long time to be able to save enough money for the total move in fees for an apartment, she gave us a call to see if we would be able to help her with a security deposit. Our financial counselor put together a budget for her to determine a rent amount she could afford. Jamie worked hard and found a place that was well under the rent amount for her budget because she is motivated to save money and build up a cash cushion so she won’t become homeless again. As a result, we were able to pay her security deposit directly to her landlord allowing Jamie and her daughter to get off of the streets and into their own place. We wish them the very best in their new home.

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