Kathleen, 1/30/15

KathleenUhaulHomeless & forced to live in a U-haul Truck, but now no longer homeless —

Meet Kathleen who is the 58th person we’ve taken off the streets. Kathleen, who has a medical condition that requires in-home care, had been renting an apartment with the help of a housing voucher but the landlord decided to not accept assisted residents anymore so she was forced to move out. Kathleen did not have enough money for a security deposit and first month’s rent, so with no where to go Kathleen had to sleep in a rented U-Haul pickup truck at night because that was the cheapest option to stay out of the elements. She then saw us on the internet and gave us a call. Our financial counselor put together a budget for her and while it took Kathleen six weeks to find a place that she could afford, she never gave up and always kept us informed as to what was going on. Today we paid her security deposit to allow her to move into her new place. Her hard work paid off because she is now off the streets and in a new place where she can again receive her in-home care. We wish Kathleen the best in her new place!

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