Kendra and her 3 kids, 2/21/19

Please join us today in congratulating Kendra and her 3 kids for ending her homeless situation. In fact, we were ready to place Kendra several weeks ago, but that rental fell through, but she persisted and we were finally able to pay her security deposit so she could move in. Now she and her 3 kids have a place they can call their own again. Read Kendra’s story below:

Dear OTS,

I was living in my own home with my 3 children for 3 years before i was asked to move. i was given a 90 day notice due to landlord did not want to renew my lease. I have been homeless since oct 2018. i been looking for a place i found one but due to housing in a different county my price range change and i was unable to get in the unit so then i had to keep looking for a place which cause me to be homeless even longer.

This is the longest i ever been without a place i been staying pillow to post in my car most of the time. It’s been a long journey for me and my kids trying to find a place that accepts housing is very hard. I’ve stayed in my car most of the time i stayed in motels when i can or at friends house for a max of 2 day due to I’m not on the lease. I couldn’t stay didnt wanna get anyone in trouble. I’m tired of this situation it’s truly humbling

I need help with my deposit because I’m a single mother. I have other moving expensive lik paying my first months rent. Also we all need beds pots and pans blankets lamps tv. I had to throw a lot away when we moved so something to get us started, anything will help.

Thank you, Kendra

Kendra and her 3 kids bring our placements this year to 7 and our grand total since we started helping the homeless get housed back in 2014 up to 693. Read more about us at OTSHB.COM.

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