Kathy, 2/23/19

Please join us today in congratulating Kathy for finding a new home after being asked to leave her last apartment. Because of her low income, she asked OTS for help with her initial security deposit, which we were happy to do.

Dearl OTS,

At this time I am living with a friend. It is a temporary agreement until I could find a apartment and he is moving. When he moves if I don’t have an apartment I will be homeless with no place to go or place to stay. He agreed to help me out while I look for and can find an apartment of my own so I could get back on my feet. Prior to that I was living in an apartment and with the problem I was having. My manager gave me a 60 day notice so I could relocate and not lose my section 8. I’ve been staying at my friends while looking for an apartment but have to move out soon.

I am looking for assistance with the security deposit on an apartment that I have been approved for. I am on SSI and don’t have enough money to pay for the security deposit and first month rent to be able to move in to my apartment so I can get back on my feet.

Thank you, Kathy

Kathy is the 8th person we’ve placed this year and th 694th since we started helping the homeless get into permanent housing back in 2014.

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