Brandi and her 2 kids, 2/14/19

Please join us in congratulating Brandi and her 2 kids for ending their homeless situation today. We were happy to help them with the security deposit so they could move into a home of their own. Read their story below:

Dear OTS,

I was living in my own apartment for 1 year in Indio ca . I lived there with my daughter that is in 9 th grade and son that is 9 years old. My lease expired and i had to move out this has been a hard move for us since they have friends and school that they were very happy with very much also.

I became homeless because my last residence did not renew my lease so i had to find another place to live i had 60 days through the section 8 program to find another place to live. I went through several potential places and had to stay with friends and family. I have found a place and with this program i will be able to settle in to my new home with my two children thanks.

I have been homeless now for 4 months now. I moved out of my place on September 30, 2018. I stayed in a motel for 16 days through the homeless voucher that i received from the calworks program. I had to stay at multiple family and friends for the rest of the time. Then through the holidays had to stay in mission valley until January 7 th when the school vacation was over thank you.

I stayed in a motel for 16 days in Indio ca. I then stayed with my daughter boyfriends sisters apartment in Indio ca she was not having her lease renewed either since she was accepted into the section 8 program so had to leave. From there i stayed in mission valley ca with a friend through the holidays until school break was over and then stayed nights at a friend Lorraine until i move.

I need assistance with my deposit due to the fact i had to stay with people for way longer than expected i depleted my money every month from paying storage fees phone bill, laundry and hygiene and money for gas to get around with my things i have no money saved. These moneys were not usual expenses i incur when I’m stable so i need the help to get back into a place thank you

I’m currently staying with a friend at nights in Indio ca the kids go stay after school she had an extra bedroom due to the fact her daughter is only 3 years old and sleeps with her. I have a blow up mattress in the upstairs bedroom and i have been sleeping on the living room couch in the main part of the ay she has been very nice to me too.

Sincerely, Brandi

Brandi and her 2 kids are the first 3 people we’ve placed in 2019 and the 689th since we started OTS back in 2014. Read more about our work of helping the homeless at OTSHB.COM.

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