“K” and her 2 boys, 10/3/15

What an incredible story – well worth taking the time to read it all.

Today we want to congratulate “K” and her 2 boys for ending their homeless situation by getting into their own apartment. K was in a shelter where her time to transition out was coming up, we were able to help K get over the final hurdle by paying her security deposit so she could move into her own place. Here’s K’s story in her own words:

“Hello My name is K, I have two boys ages 5 and 12. About 2 years ago my children had watched their father violently attack me in our home, of course this wasn’t the first time however thank God it was the last. As a result of the violence a report had been made their was an investigation into the incident and CPS was called. In the state of California if your children witness you being abused and you stay in the relationship you have committed a crime. I was told that my kids were gong to be placed into a children’s shelter for what was called failure to protect. The children were not physically abused however in this journey of healing I’ve learned that the emotional toll of having witnessed me being choked, kicked, punched, and so many other forms of abuse it took a toll on them. I remember the times I would get beat up, I would silently plead with GOD to open a door so I could leave with my kids. I had no money because their father was the sole provider, all of my family lived out of state, all I had was my faith and my children. I had no idea that the door GOD had opened for me to leave was the one my kids walked out of. I say this because it literally took CPS taking my kids and me going into a domestic Violence shelter to see that this was the start of my families journey to heal and for me to see GOD was ALWAYS with me. I wont tell you their were times, hell their were days I cried in that shelter thinking why is this happening sometimes we can’t see the big picture we can’t see GOD truly working a magnificent miracle in our lives. It took me 2 years of counseling, consecutive weekly visits with my kids, empowerment courses, parenting classes, life skills classes, seeking safety, and drug testing to prove that I could have my kids reunite with me. Through God’s mercy, my hard work, and the help of our temporary shelter, I was able to get temporary custody of my kids. We are blessed to be re-­united again. On October 29, 2015 GOD willing the courts will award me permanent custody. We have come so far however our trek is not over. I have maintained employment for 6 months, and I have decided to enroll in school. I’m currently a 4.0 student at (unnamed) College majoring in human services. My boys are excellent students as well, and they both play basketball and soccer.

We have accomplished so much in a little time, and we’ve managed to do it all in a shelter, their is nothing in this life that I want more than to be able to provide a home for my kids and I to continue to Live, Love, and Be Happy. I have been given an opportunity to forever change the quality of our lives and possibly move into housing October 1, 2015 we desperately need help to get into the house, We have no furniture beds, table, t.v., sofa etc.
I do believe I have been tested so I can give my testimony to the next family in crisis that feels they can’t make it. I just ask that if you can find it in your heart to help my family continue to be prosperous and fulfill our purpose.

With All My Truth, Heart, and Faith K”

K, we wish you and your boys the very best in your new start in life and in your new home.
Off The Streets – Huntington Beach
This family brings the total number people we have helped escape homelessness to 142

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