Jorge, Rosalia and their 4 daughters, 9/18/15

7-24 FAMILY PICTURE - only 4 kidsToday we placed Jorge and Rosalia and their 4 daughters into their own home, ending 2 months of homelessness. They lost their rental back in July when the owner/landlord lost the home to the bank who didn’t advise them at any time. With no notice the sheriff showed up and they were evicted from their rental, and they literally found themselves on the streets with no home. They have been staying in motels with no stoves, which has made it hard on their 4 girls — and motels are very expensive, impacting their financial difficulties even more. Jorge has held a steady job throughout this time and he was able to find an affordable rental based on the budget we built with him, but he just needed help with the security deposit to get out of the situation they were in. So, today, we paid the deposit to their new rental so this family could move into a stable home of their own.

Jorge and Rosalia, we wish you and your daughters the very best in your new home!


This family brings our total placements to 139 since our startup in June 2014

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