Janie, her Father, and Sister-in-law, 10/7/15

9-2 PICTURE of Janie, Dad and sister in lawToday, we want to congratulate Janie, her father and her sister-in-law for getting off the streets and into their own home. Please know that we built a budget with Janie and she proved to us that their combined monthly income would allow to pay their monthly rent so they can stay housed for the long term. We helped them over the final hurdle by paying their security deposit directly to the landlord, which allowed them to move in.

Here’s their story in Janie’s own words – its raw and uncut, but we share it to show you the realities of homelessness:

“Hi, this is Janie I am writing this letter to show the wonderful people who are really helping the homeless and people in need of help. I guess I will start with my story first I was in a program called whatever it takes for five years. I got shelter plus thanks to their help. I had it for about 2 years and my husband got out of prison and didn’t have any place to stay so went through a lot of channels but I got him on my shelter plus list. But we were productive members of society once again it sure felt good. we worked hard at given back his number to parole but we did it. anyways my dad had gotten out of prison from practically his whole life he did 25 years. he came out to no family to help him or wanted to help him and after being locked up that you usually get institutionalized. So I felt bad for him and let him stay with me he got SSI income so if I lost my housing it really didn’t care because he is my father and I tried to put him on the list and they denied him a 77 years old man in poor health. Besides I figured it out with all our income we would probably make it. Anyways one day the parole came and picked him back up stating that they had made a huge mistake that they let him out early. Six months early he was doing good and not giving any dirty test or anything to that matter. So what could I do but let them take him and I cried my eyes out for days I was awful lonely for a while because he kept me very busy. So, so sad. While he was in chino my husband died. I took him to the hospital 11 times, came out twice and they still couldn’t figure out what was wrong so the day the sent him back home. The next day he died in bed. Every since then its been hell. I managed to pay the rent somehow or another. That is when Marthia my sister in law came to me and asked me for help to let her stay there until she could find a place of her own. Her health is also bad so that’s when my dad got out we decided to live together and I would be there caregiver. So that’s what we did and they gave me a 60 day notice to move I have been so angry at the world if it wasn’t for God and my to companion dogs I wouldn’t be here anymore believe me I am diagnosed with and have schizophrenia,bipolar and manic depressant. So anyways this is our story. Marthia has pretty much been on the streets all of her life. So I am please asking you so please help all of us get of the streets the motels and eating out. My dad has to have special foods to eat because of his diabetes and I can’t take care of him right like this. We sleep on friends floors and sometime in the car and sometimes on the street.

PLEASE HELP US. thank you SO much for YOUR ASSISTANCE; Janie”

Janie, we were happy to help you get a new start in life by paying your security deposit to your new landlord. We wish you the very best. – Off The Streets – Huntington Beach


This family brings the total number of people we’ve placed to 145.

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