Julie Ann and her son, 10/14/17

Today we extend a big congratulations to Julie Ann and her son for getting out of their homeless situation and into their own home. They have been without a home for over the last 4 months, living in shelters, motels, friends’ couches, vehicles, and sometimes separated due to these difficult circumstances. We built a budget with Julie Ann, and after she found a rental that fit this budget, we were happy to pay her security deposit so they could move in. We will soon be providing them with all the essential furniture and household goods they need to make their rental a real home. Read her story below:

My story
I am a homeless single mother who has struggled continuously to raise my son. My father has just recently passed from cancer I took leave of absence from work to care for him. My brother took everything financially and, as a result I lost my last apartment, and I am homeless now. I am working and have ability to pay my bills and my rent I just need my son and I off the streets. It’s very scary and have been all over from friends to park to motels. I have no savings at this point.

We have been homeless for 4 1/2 months now and we have suffered many struggles daily, worrying whether we had shelter for that night. We have endured many sleepless nights not having the stability of our home or a place to go. We have our Lucy, our 12 year old chihuahua, who has been our loyal friend through thick and thin. I soon found that homeless shelters were not an option for us, we could not part with the loss if our Lucy. We stayed with friends, on couches, at motels, behind Michael’s craft store, motorhomes, tents, Ruth’s truck, Vons parking lot, with complete strangers who took us in for a night, and at the park! It’s very scary place alone at night outside, afraid we were going to get hurt or robbed. We have the money for rent. We need to have our lives back proper living stability again so we can get back to our normal daily schedule and have a meal together in our own home! I feel that the budget offered shows me so many insightful choices to assure I can maintain our new home. I would forever be grateful to off the streets for the generous help that they have provided for us. Seeing my son smile and not stress or worry is priceless. Thank you very much !!
Julie Ann

Julie Ann, we wish you and your son the very best in your new home!

This family brings our placements this year to 157 and our grand total since we started placing people in 2014 up to 467. Read about our Campaign To House 1000 Homeless By 2020

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