Niemea and her 2 boys, 10/15/17

Today we send a big congratulations to Niemea and her 2 boys for getting into their own apartment. For the last 2 months they have been staying at a women’s shelter, but when her time ran out there, they have been couch hopping and sleeping on floors to keep a roof over their heads. Most recently she received a hotel voucher and has been staying there until we were able to move her in. We will soon be providing this single Mom all the essential furniture and household goods that she needs to get a fresh start in their new apartment. Read her story below:

My family story
After being evicted from my last apartment I had nowhere to go for my boys and so I was forced to go into many shelters and live with different people. This was a tragedy for my boys and I. I’m very thankful and excited about finding an apartment that would be a real home for my boys.

I am homeless with my two boys I was previously staying at Option House Shelter staying there two months. I wasn’t able to extend my time so now I’m sleeping from place to place. I found my boys Grandpa and we have been staying with him. Last night that’s where I spent the night but I cannot live here because it is a senior citizen apartment. I’m only allowed to spend two days out of the week without him receiving an eviction because I am not on the lease and I cannot be added to the lease. I don’t pay rent because I can’t live here. I come to shower or to eat. His apartment is a one bedroom, so the boys and I sleep on the floor. I’m so sorry but this is very hard for me to write I get very depressed thinking about the situation. I’m so happy and thankful that God has gave us a place to live a place to call home. That’s why I need off the streets help, because I need to get my boys off the street. The assistance I currently needs is help with move in deposit & house supplies like boys beds(2), kitchen table, pots & pans, living room couches.

The smallest things count like a home,( so tired of sleeping on people floor). That’s why I need your help, to bring joy, peace, happiness back in our life. Through this struggle I also kept my faith in God. Thank you so much for this opportunity and support. I pray I can give back to off the streets! I love you guys from bottom of my heart. God Bless you!!
Thank you for your support, Niemea

This family brings our total placements this year to 160 and our grand total since we started OTSHB in 2014 up to 470. Read about our Campaign To House 1000 Homeless By 2020

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