Jonathan, 5/2/19

Dear OTS,
Thank you for helping me to avoid becoming homeless by paying my security deposit so I could move into another apartment. Please see my story below.

Where I was living before I was about lose my home:
I was living in an apartment in Santa Ana and they refused to renew my lease it’s a small studio apartment on the border of Santa Ana and orange in a low income apartment complex with property management who is not very understanding of people with mental disabilities or dual diagnosis.

How I was about to lose my home:
My old complex refused to renew my lease because of an incident of my friend having a psychotic episode and scaring my neighbors and so after a few months of going back and forth with property management including my friend apologizing to my neighbors and management so made the decision that I just wasn’t a good fit for the community.

How long I have been without a home:
I would only be homeless for one day if I receive your help and that would be on April 29- April 30,2919. I am currently not homeless but on the verge of losing everything that I’ve been working for since I got into the shelter plus care housing voucher program.

Where I have been staying:
I will be staying in the back of a uhaul till I’m able to move into the new apartment. Other wise I haven’t been homeless yet but on the verge of being homeless with no hope or vision of getting off the streets anytime soon or in the near future.

What kind of help I need:
I’m going to need assistance with getting some of the standard or basic furniture you need to have a normal home such as dressers and shelves. But most importantly I will need assistance in securing the money for a security deposit in order to move into a new place and not be homeless.

Where I have been staying most recently:
I am currently living on my own in a small studio in Santa Ana that I have to vacate due to the property management exercising the right the right not to renew my lease for an uncontrollable event that happened with a dual diagnosed friend of Mina which scared my neighbors.

Thank you, Jonathan.

Jonathan is our 16th person we’ve helped this year and the 702nd we’ve helped since our founding of OTS in 2014. Learn more about us at OTSHB.COM

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