Nakesha and her 2 kids 4/11/19

Please join us today in congratulation Nakesha and her 2 kids for ending their homeless situation. We were happy to help build a budget with her and then pay her security deposit so they could move in. Read their story below.

Dear OTS,
I was living in Los Angeles California a single mother of four I’ve been there since nine years for nine years and two children were out the home. For some time now me and my family were sick and then out the doctor for a couple years now and rashes and just can eat and something was not right I might begin to pursue help to see what was causing the issues and I discovered things eyes when I left home for the weekend and I wouldn’t throw up or be sick but when we will come back home we will end up. Me and my family have been homeless since beginning of December I’ve been looking for housing ever since then I became really sick and was not able to I had a surgery and how does it my appendix was removed and after I’ve been looking ever since for someone who would take Section 8 voucher. At first when we became homeless we were staying at family houses so I will go to different family members house from time to time after going to different family members home I had started I was told by the by the hospital that the DPSS a helper or worker would help us after that we begin to I took them to today or we stayed at motels they send us to motels. My main concern is trying to find how trying to get someone to help us with our deposit because I have the home I just don’t have the deposit our home was recently inspected we pass inspection so now and I’m only looking for assistance with the deposit and it would be that’s a great plus if you can help us with Furniture we don’t have anything due to the circumstances we just. We are currently everywhere we’re in my car we was spend the night over my family’s house but they got they had to move so I don’t know where we’re going to be at basically remove on a day-today basis so I don’t know where we’ll be at.
Thank you, Nekasha

This family is the 15 placement this year and the 701st since our founding in 2014. Read more about our work at housing the homeless at OTSHB.COM.

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