Jason, 8/22/18

Please join us in congratulating Jason today for ending his homeless situation. Jason has been homeless for more than 8 years, living in his van and at shelters. He’s now in a situation where he can afford rent, so we were happy to help him gain permanent housing by paying his security deposit. Read his story below.

Dear OTS,
I became homeless due to many circumstances. One being that experienced a mental bipolar 1 meltdown that was exacerbated by having a 40 hr swing shift that i thought I could handle. My living arrangements didn’t permit me to sleep during the day causing me insomnia. I eventually had to leave the job due to too many sick days off. I had plantar fasciitis at the time. I had painful condition in my right foot that caused me to call in sick at my job too many times. I had no idea that I had the foot condition. So I lost my job and in turn lost my apartment as a result. I have been homeless for more than 8 years living out of my van and the Fullerton Ca National Guard armory and Bridge’s Homeless Shelter from time to time. It has been a traumatic life for me. I’m currently going through laser eye surgery to remove glaucoma and fast moving cataracts at Atlantas Eye Center. I currently work a part time during the weekend. I need a better living situation So I can take on a full time job. I currently been living at Bridges Homeless Shelter Since April of 2018. I have until October 2018 to find permanent housing. I have been selected out of a lottery to have the opportunity to move into an apartment. I have signed the lease and need assistance for the deposit. I sincerely appreciate it if you would give me assistance into this transition in my life.
Thank You, Jason

Jason is the 110th individual we’ve placed this year and the 620th since we started OTS back in 2014. Read more about our charity at OTSHB.COM.

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