Jasmyne and her daughter, 2/11/17

Jasmyne - Housing The Homeless - Off The Streets Huntington BeachToday we congratulate Jasmyne and her daughter for getting into their own rental. She was great to work with, was very responsive, and followed all the steps in our process to ensure she had a financial plan that would allow them to stay housed for the long term. Based on this good plan we were able to pay her security deposit so they could move in. Jasmyne is a Mom who really wants a better life for her daughter. Read her story below:

Dear OTS,
I never thought that I would be in this situation. I’m a young mother with a young daughter struggling to make ends meat. It started at my last rental. I just had my my daughter and recently started a new job. I was already struggling to pay my rent since I hadn’t worked in so long due to my high risk pregnancy. I thought everything was going to be good now since I just started working but it wasn’t. I was only making minimum wage which wasn’t enough to cover my rent. It was no way I could pay that by myself on my income. I had no choice but to leave before I was evicted. I tried to look for other places and seek the help of the welfare office but nothing or no one was helping. I started to crash with my daughter at different place sleeping on couches was not what I wanted for me and my daughter. We did this for November of 2015 still up till today. And it was tough since the place is so small. I was at my lowest. We literally lived out of out of a bin. We had no where to put our belongings. Just kept them away in a corner. And on top of that I was asked on the 31st of January to move. With no help from her dad or anyone. I was alone and sad. But I knew I had to do better for me and my daughter. I could no longer just have us sleeping on a sofa. I needed to make a change.I needed to give my child a home. So I went back to school, started saving, bought a small cheap car. I was determined to give her something she can call her own. But I still needed help. I knew I did not have enough to move out on my own. So I started to look for foundations that could assist me with my moving cost. Even if it was just a small amount. I know I could now afford to pay rent on my own monthly since I received a raise at work. But I would just need help with with paying the security deposit. Anything would help me in my time of need. With the help of Off the Streets I was able to make that happen. They showed support in so many ways for me. Now me and my daughter are moving into a place of our own and will no longer be sleeping on a sofa, but in a bedroom with a bed. I’m beyond happy, excited, and most of all Grateful for the help.

From all of us at OTS we wish you and your daughter the very best in your new home!

Jasmyne and her daughter bring our placements this year to 30 and our grand total since our start up just under 3 years ago to 340.

Off the Streets – Huntington Beach

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