Jacquelyn, 12/28/15

Jacquelyn placed 12-28-15Today are happy to report that we were able to pay Jacquelyn’s security deposit, allowing her to get out of the homeless situation she’s been facing for the last 5 weeks. Jacquelyn was forced out of her last rental where she had been for 7 years when rent increased beyond her ability to pay. Since then she has been staying at a church and this same church told her to call us for help. Jacquelyn is disabled and while she receives a steady monthly income to cover rent, she didn’t have enough for the security deposit. We built a budget with her and she found a place within the price range we established. Jacquelyn was so thankful for our help. Thank you Off The Streets supporters for all your donations which allow us to do this work which gives those in need like Jacquelyn a new start in life.
Jacquelyn is the 175th person that we’ve helped escape homelessness since we started 16 months ago.

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