Andrew and his 2 daughters, 11/28/15

21051128 Andrew and 2 daughtersOTS-HB Supporters, read how your support allowed Andrew and his 2 daughters to get out of their homeless situation and into their own place today. Due to your generous financial donations we were able to pay their security deposit, which is exactly the kind of help Andrew needed. Here’s their story in his own words:

“Good Afternoon,
My name is Andrew, I am a Single father of 2 beautiful little girls, and in the past year hard times fell upon me like never before. Not only did my job outsource my position to another country, I also lost everything. My whole lively hood as me and my kids knew it slowly dissolved and Before I knew it, My kids were living with my mother and I found myself sleeping from couch to couch. My hope devastated, my pride vaporized, I was dealing with anxiety on a day to day basis as if it was synonymous with life. Once i found knew employment, my road to reconstruction began. Once i found out about the off the streets program my first initial thought was ” I pray this program can help.” After speaking with Jennifer and the budget planner, I realized this program had a clear objective to help people like me in need. I can safely say things are finally on the up and up and the tunnels light is getting brighter by the day. I would like to thank everyone involved in this program and for helping reuniting me and my family with the comfort and security that is vital to the growth and development of my children.
Sincerely, Andrew”
* Andrew and his 2 daughters bring our total placements to a total of 174.

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