Donna, 10/31/18

Please join us in congratulating Donna today for getting into her own apartment today. Read her story below.

Dear OTS,
Due to a medical crisis I had to move California in April to seek the specialized surgery I needed. I have been able to stay with some family but now I need to leave. I was able to get a housing voucher and now I’m waiting for housing to inspect the apartment and I’ll be ready to move in to my own place. I need assistance with the security deposit because I don’t have enough to pay the security deposit and my share of cost. Because I’m disabled I only receive a small monthly income from SSI (Supplemental Security Income). I also need help with a couch, a bed, and a toaster bein I don’t have any of those items. Everything else I will be able to pay .
Thank you, Donna

Donna brings our placements this year to 168 and our grand total since we started OTS in 2014 up to 678. Read more about our work at OTSHB.COM.

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