Diane, 4/19/18

Today we congratulate Diane for for getting into a place of her own to avoid becoming homeless again. We were happy to pay her security deposit to avoid this bad repeat situation. Read her story below.

Dear OTS, I am seeking your financial assistance as I have been looking at complete homelessness again. I was homeless from 2010-2013 due 2 a very long term stalking issue. I worked very diligently (10-12 hrs. a day) to get in2 OCHA thru the Shelter Plus Care Housing Program. I graduated & have had Section 8 since June 1, 2013 to present. In November 2016 I had a horrible botched foot surgery & have been unable to work, living on $164.00 from a Medical General Relief. I was supposed to have reconstructive surgery July 2017. My landlord is no longer accepting Section 8 & I must move. I have worked tirelessly to find an owner who would accept Section 8 & finally 2 weeks ago I did!! OCHA & the property management company has approved me.(They even decreased the rent for me)! I recently started working part time (10-15 hrs. a week) as a caregiver. I have tried to borrow the money from friends & family to move, but no one has that kind of money to lend. I also have not yet established credit. I have been trying so hard to sell clothing, shoes & household items online. NOTHING is selling. Here I have FINALLY FINALLY found a nice little rental for my kitty & I to move into & an owner who has just contracted w/OCHA & is accepting Section 8! I have been crying for weeks realizing that I could lose EVERYTHING in a very very short period of time. I have worked so hard 2 get where I am & maintain things overall. So for all of these reasons, I am desperately seeking your financial assistance for my security deposit. I cannot possibly thank U enough for your thoughtful consideration & kindness. I continue to be hopeful thankful & prayerful… Thank you again for your considerations… Diane

Diane is the 49th person we’ve helped this year and the 559th since we started OTSHB in 2014. Read more about our mission of housing the homeless at OTSHB.COM

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