Rika and Bryan, 4/18/18

Today we congratulate Rika and Bryan for ending their homeless situation. They have been living in their van for the last 2 months and are now getting into an apartment of their own. We will soon be providing this couple household goods and furniture so they can get a fresh start. Read their story below:

Dear OTS, I was sued in October of 2017. I paid the rent on the 13th of the month and then on November 6th of 2017, I went to go pay the rent and they said that they sent it to Legal for not paying the rent on time. Then I went to court on November 7th and they asked me to surrender the property and my record would be filed, so the sheriff came and served eviction papers on the 23rd of January of 2018. We became homeless on January 23rd of 2018. I’m currently on the shelter Care Plus Housing Voucher Program with the Orange County Housing Authority Section 8. Me and my boyfriend have been living in his work van at his job site for the last 2 months and we recently got accepted in an apartment in Buena Park. I would really appreciate your assistance with the deposit thank you and have a very blessed day if you help us out with this deposit. We will make sure to pay rent on time so we won’t have to go through this again. We would really appreciate your help and thank you for all your concern hope to hear from you soon. We are currently residing in the van at his work. Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon take care

This couple brings our placements this year to 48 and our grand total up to 558 since we started housing the homeless in 2014. Read more about our charity and our mission of housing the homeless at OTSHB.COM.

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