Crishanda’s family, 6/10/17

Crishanda - Housing The Homeless - Off The Streets Huntington BeachToday we congratulate Crishanda’s family for getting into their own rental today. They were travelling back and forth from out of state to help family members who were having health problems, so to avoid all the travelling they moved here with the understanding that they would be able to stay with family. Much to their surprise and disappointment, the family they were staying with and actually helping asked them to leave in April. They had nowhere to go, so they have been staying in their car. With their low income status they were fortunate enough to get a section 8 housing voucher and asked for our help with the security deposit to be able to move in.

This family brings our placements this year to 96 and our grand total to 406.

Off the Streets – Huntington Beach

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