Ruth and her 4 kids, 6/15/17

Today we congratulate Ruth and her 4 kids for ending their homeless situation. Ruth experienced a financial hardship after trying to care for her mother’s medical condition. They have been living in hotels for the last 2 months, which has depleted any savings Ruth had. We were able to help this family by paying their security deposit so they could move in. Since they have no household goods, we will soon be providing them with beds, dressers, tables, and a couch so they can have a fresh start. Read her story here:

In December 2016 my mother suffered a heart attack. So I packed up myself and my children and drove to another state to care for her. While there it was impossible to secure housing in my budget close enough to care for her, I did the best I could and she has made a full recovery. So myself and my children moved back to the desert. We stay in motels for nearly two months. All my funds have been used up living day to day. My income is very limited. I would really appreciate the help. I just want to give my children back a stable home. So they once again can feel safe and secure. Thank you, Ruth

Ruth, from all of us at OTS, congratulations on getting back into your own home!

This family brings our placements this year to 101 and our grand total placements since we started 3 years ago to 411.

Off the Streets – Huntington Beach

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