Charlotte’s Family, 3/6/15

UpsonCollage3 years of living in hotels comes to a happy ending for Charlotte’s family…

This family brings our total number of placements to 70 people! 3 years ago a little bit of bad luck and some bad advice got this family of 3 into an unwanted situation. They were notified that their apartment building they were renting from was being foreclosed. Unfortunately they were given some poor legal and financial advice that resulted in their eviction. They did not have enough money saved up to afford to move into another rental so they spent the last 3 years in a motel. Then about a month ago they found us through a local resource agency and gave us a call. Our financial counselor built a budget with them and determined a rent amount they could afford. This family found a rental in that price range and we were able to help them move in today by paying their security deposit directly to their landlord. We wish them them very best in their new home!

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