Chad, 3/12/15

2-2 PICTURE (1)This is Chad who is the 71st person we’ve helped get off the streets and into permanent housing. He was trying to make things work while living out of state but things just didn’t pan out the way he had planned. He suffers from medical issues and he felt that moving back to California would be better for his overall health. However, when he arrived in CA he did not have enough money for the total move in fees for an apartment and ended up homeless and on the streets for over four months. His health care social worker told him about Off The Streets – Huntington Beach and he gave us a call. Our financial counselor worked with Chad and put together a budget for him and determined he did have enough income to afford rent. This week we were able to help Chad get into permanent housing by paying a portion of his security deposit directly to his landlord. We wish Chad the best of luck back here in Southern California!

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