Charles, 5/11/16

Charles 5-10-16 - EditedToday we congratulate Charles for getting out of his homeless situation and after 5 years, finally getting a rental of his own. Here’s his story in his own words.

Hi my name is Charles, been renting a room in a motel for the last five years,just one pay check from being totally on the street. Not making enough money for an apartment, so went to the housing authorities to sign up for section 8, it took five years to finally to get approved…but didn’t have enough for the security deposit to get in to the apartment, so I call OTSHB for assistance for the deposit, after I qualify for help, they payed the security, and also see to it that I had furniture, what a blessing, and what s great program. thank you so much OTSHB. -Charles.

Congratulations Charles, you worked hard and we were happy to assist. From all of us at OTS!


Charles is the 205th individual we’ve helped escape homelessness.

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