Candice, 4/28/16

Candice 4-28-16 - EditedCongratulations goes to Candice today for ending her homeless situation and we were glad to help her with her security deposit so she could get back into permanent housing. Candice was great to work with and so was her landlord. Here is Candice’s story in her own words:

Hi , my name is Candice. I’ve recently reached out to OTS because of my recent situation with being laid off work . I called 211 and was given this number for assistance because I am a 27yo female that’s homeless. I reached out because I felt it in my heart that this place (OTS) will help . I am a diabetic and prescription medication that I need can be really expensive at times so my income is very limited . Glad I was given news that OTS can help with security deposit . Definitely this is a blessing to ANYONE who is given the help from OTS. I have been paying storage bills as well so I’m currently down to my last and afraid I wouldn’t be able to have my security deposit to move into a home that I’ve found . I’ve been sleeping in my car and trying to find a shaded tree is harder then it may seem but just wanted to thank you for allowing me to experience this mission with OTS I will def recommend to any and every person I know that needs help as bad as I do .

Candice, from all of us at OTS – Congratulations!
Candice is the 204th person we’ve helped escape homelessness since our startup just under 2 years ago. We believe our process strikes the right balance between Compassion and Personal Responsibility.

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