Heather and her 2 daughters, 4/21/16

Heather and 2 daughters 4-20-16A huge congratulations goes to Heather and her 2 girls today for getting out of their homeless situation. Heather was a pleasure to work with, really needed a hand up, and followed our process to the letter. As a result we were able to help her get into an apartment by helping with the security deposit. Heather became homeless when her boyfriend left and she was evicted from the apartment they had been living in. She shared how stressful this has been in trying to hide these troubles from her daughters. She was finally approved for an apartment and is happy that it’s in the girls’ school district. She was also thrilled to find an apartment that she could afford based on the budget we built with her. She sends her gratitude with this note “Thank God there was hope finding a program out there that does something like this. Sincerely, Heather”

Heather, we wish you and your girls the very best in your new home, from all of us at OTS!


Heather and her 2 girls bring the total number of individuals we’ve placed up to 203.

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