Betty and Damascus, 8/14/15

8-6 PICTURECongratulations to Betty and Damascus for getting into their own apartment today after being homeless since May, literally living on the street in a tent just to survive. Here is their story in her own words;

“My name is Betty me and my husband Damascus became homeless May 2015. I lost my job in April 2015 due to my husbands injury from a car accident. He was left paralyzed on his right side which caused me to assist him more than necessary. I couldn’t afford to hire anyone to take care of him while I went to work. I was missing more days than usual at work and my manager was aware of the situation, but they terminated me. When I applied for unemployment they denied me so I had to appeal the determination, which took awhile and we had no income which caused us to get evicted. It was really hard to accept being homeless again. We was just homeless a few years ago and to return to the streets was a humbling experience. I struggled with the situation for awhile until I remembered my faith and acceptance of our current situation. We refused to allow this unfortunate situation to keep us in darkness. We have to look at our homeless and other situations that is happening in life as a positive thing. We found that by thinking this way gives us motivation to move on and consider this as a learning experience.

Today we were able to help them get into their own place by paying their security deposit.

Betty and Damascus – congratulations and we wish you the best in your new home.

Sincerely, Off The Streets


Betty and Damascus bring the total number of people we have helped to 119.

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