Jesse and his 2 kids, 8/5/15

Jesse and kidsAfter contacting us initially back in February, Jesse and his 2 kids are finally able to share a home of their own. Jesse was laid off last fall, lost his apartment and was forced to couch hop to stay off the streets. This resulted in him not only being without his own home but also caused him to live away from his 2 kids that he shares joint custody. Jesse got a new job, we built a budget with him, and he was able to find an apartment that fit this budget in the area where his kids attend school. We helped Jesse get over the hump and into his own place by paying the security deposit directly to the landlord.

Jesse, we wish you and your 2 kids all the best in your new place.

Sincerely, Off The Streets – Huntington Beach


This family brings the total number of people we’ve helped to 117.

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