Angela’s family of 3, 10/22/15

20151022AngelaGrandmotherDaughterWe want to congratulate Angela, Dolores, and Angela’s great-niece for getting out of their homeless situation and into permanent housing. We were happy to help them get a new start by paying their security deposit. Here’s their story in Angela’s own words:

“Hi my name is Angela and this is the journey of me and my family. My family is composed of my great niece on the maternal side, Dolores, her grandmother on the paternal side and myself Angela. We had a home and jobs and a car and lost it all. First lost the jobs, then came the home and lastly the car. Since then both my grand-niece and her grandmother have become disabled. In addition to this Delores has cancer and now also needs a knee replacement. For almost a year we have been staying in motels, the car when we had it, and with friends anywhere we could. It has been hard for us to land a permanent job or home. Therefore making it hard for us to save any money to afford a deposit on a apartment. But then we heard about your organization Off The Streets Huntington Beach that can help people like us get off the streets and into an apartment. In our case we ask for help with the deposit. We just recently received our Section 8 voucher with the City of Anaheim that we had be waiting for. After 6 years it finally arrived and we are so happy. We are actively looking for a place and with the help of your organization it will be much easier to get into an apartment. This will allow as to stay off the streets and motels and into an apartment. Letting us move forward in our lives and have a new beginning. We thank God for keeping us safe and putting Off The Streets Huntington Beach in our path. God Bless each and everyone of you who help make this possible.

Thank you,
Angela, Dolores, and great-niece”

Angela and family, all of us at Off The Streets congratulate you and wish you the very best in your new place!
This family brings our total placements to 150

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