Angela and her son, 1/12/17

Angela - Housing The Homeless - Off The Streets Huntington BeachCongratulations to Angela and her son for ending their homeless situation today. We built a budget with her and she was able to find a rental that fit this budget. We were happy to help them get housed by helping with the security deposit. Read her story below:

My story of becoming homeless. In November of 2016 I became homeless after battling cancer since being diagnosed in November 2013 and starting treatments in 2014. Since getting stronger on my feet I have been driving Uber and Lyft and Hopskipdrive as well as working with families and their children. We were supposed to be moving into a home in November when abruptly we had no place to go. My daughter decided at the last minute to move in with her boyfriend and the owners of the house would not just take myself and my son’s income. Needless to say I was devastated.

We have tried not to be a burden to anyone and only ask to hang out and shower once a week. Although there may seemingly be a rift in the family, I love my daughter dearly and she did what she thought she needed at the time. Since that faithful day, we have been spending way too much money eating out since we don’t have a place. I figured I battled cancer so this could not be so bad but the faithful night that someone tried to break into my car while I was sleeping in it gave rise to the fact that this is no way for me and my son to live.

You see I have sjogrens/lupus and rheumatoid arthritis as well as fibromyalgia. The pain from sleeping in my car has been atrocious. My son is autistic and has an anxiety disorder. Sometimes I will get a room just for him to relax a little. He works very hard because most autistic people get fixated on what they like and they do it well. He works at 2 different companies. His autism will have him working in the same field all of his life but he does well doing it. I have worked with children for 30 plus years and I am sometimes a nanny.

Our problem is this new day and age when people want so much for deposit. They want key fees and the like. It is such a problem when homeless and not being able to save any money because . It is just not so simple. I go to work with just a wash up from the sink in a Denny’s or whatever and it’s just not sanitary. My immune system is still compromised and this stress has become really unbearable.

Please help us. We need it. I will take whatever you can do. Just please help us. They are willing to drop the rent for us because of your guidelines but the security deposit they have decided has to be higher. We both have several jobs and can pay the rent. I know property management companies always change but its the fact that we need help with the deposit to keep us in the place.

Sincerely, Angela

This family is our 8th placement this year and our 318th since our start up in June 2014.

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