Kiesa and her 5 kids, 1/11/17

Kiesa - Housing The Homeless - Off The Streets Huntington BeachOur first placement in 2017 and a great one!

Today we are happy to help Kiesa and her 5 kids with their security deposit so they could get into permanent housing. It’s hard to imagine that this single Mom had no choice but to live in their vehicle! But no more – they are now in a home of their own! Read her story below.

To whom it may concern,
My family and I lived in Phoenix, Arizona for almost 4 years. Life was great, until hardship hit. The landlord of our 3 bedroom house decided that he did not want to comply with the rules of our Section8 program and fix the issues of his obligation. Section8 discontinued his contract leaving my children and I 60 days to find another place to live. I was unable to find a rental within the allotted amount of the voucher (due to my low income) that I was receiving. We lived pillar to post for a few months and still no house/apt nothing. All of our resources dried up in Arizona to the point where I made the choice to move back to my original home state here in California. I transferred my section8 voucher and applied for state benefits here in riverside county July 28, 2016. I was welcomed to move in with a friend for awhile but that was only temporary. My friends husband would not allow us to stay past 3 months; which didn’t give us enough time to get everything transferred, approved and to find a place to live. By November 1st of 2016 my children and I were officially living, sleeping and eating out of my 2000 ford truck. It was a scary situation not having any idea what would happen next or where we would go. Finally with lots of long suffering and perseverance I found a house willing to take our section8 voucher and they approved our application; however with my income being so low I didn’t know how I would pay the full rental deposit, in the time that they are asking. I searched high and low on every website and resource number until I found Off The Streets. I am grateful that I did and that someone out here is willing to help people like us.

This family of 6 is our very first placement in 2017! This brings our total placements since our start up 2.5 years ago to 316.

Off the Streets – Huntington Beach

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