Ana and her son, 5/26/16

Ana and son 5-26-16Congratulations Ana for allowing us to help you get into your own rental today. Ana and her son were couch hopping in a crowded home, without a place of their own, due to a relationship she had to end, combined with a tough financial situation that resulted from her being laid off. Read her story below:

Dear OTS, We have been with here for about a month and aside from contributing to groceries I don’t have to spend extra money. This is allowing me to save a little money to put aside for when we find an apartment of our own. Living on our own is going to be a real test and I know won’t be easy all the time but it will give my son stability that is needed in childhood. It will also give us peace to truly enjoy each other and built a brighter future. I hope that our story touches your heart and allows us to receive the help we need to find our home. Thank you, Ana

Ana, from all of us at OTS, we wish you and your son the very best.


OTS has helped a total of 211 individuals escape homelessness since our start up just under 2 years ago.

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