Reginald, 5/27/16

Reginald 5-27-16Today we are happy to congratulate Reginald for ending his homeless situation and getting into an apartment of his own. We’ve been working with Reginald for the last 2 months and his great attitude and sense of personal responsibility have made him a pleasure to work with. Read his story below:

To OTS, my name is Reginald Barber a homeless veteran and also a college student in need of assistance with a place to stay. I recently lost my job that provided housing. I was very fortunate to get another job right away but it left me without stable housing for the last few months I’ve been sleeping in my car in from time to time on a friend’s couch. All the while trying to keep my appearance up for it as well as my grades for school. I know that given the chance I can maintain, it’s just hard getting started. Would you please consider helping me to establish permanent housing. Thank you Reginald

Reginald, from all of us at OTS – we wish you the best in your new home and your continued education!


Reginald is the 212th individual we’ve helped escape homelessness by helping them get into permanent housing.

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