Tina, 5/11/19

Dear OTS,
Thank you for helping me get into my own place by helping me with the security deposit so I could move in. You can read my story below.

Where I was living before I became homeless:
In my own apartment with my ex husband in Anaheim California. The fighting became unbearable to the point where he was raising his hands to me and abusing me and other ways. I told him I was going to go stay at my sister’s until he figured out where to go.

How I became homeless:
While I was at my sister’s my ex-husband change the locks to the home and made it to where the landlord would not give me the new key. He had other people living in my home that also would not allow me in. I was living in my car for a while until it was towed illegally.

How long I have been homeless:
I have been homeless since about August of the year 2015 with sleeping on the couch at my sister’s house or living out of my car after that. Thereafter, I was sleeping anywhere I could from 2016 and forward. Since April 2018 I have been in an illumination foundation transitional shared housing.

Where I have been staying:
I have lived on the train tracks in Anaheim off of Brookhurst and Cerritos, I have lived in my vehicle, I have lived on the street, in front of a building, behind a building, at various parks, and I also lived at the Civic Center Flags, I have lived at the courtyards homeless shelter, and an illumination Foundation transitional shared living house.

What kind of help I need:
I need assistance with the deposit for my apartment because I have received a voucher from section 8 for an apartment home of my own and I do not have the ability to come up with that much money that quick. I do work for Lyft as a driver & will be able to pay my portion of the rent there after.

Where I have staying most recently:
I am currently living in an illumination Foundation shared living transitional home with five other occupants in Santa Ana California off of Euclid and 1st Street. I do have my own room, however the program is shutting down in June and everybody has to find someplace else to be. I need help with the deposit for my new home.


Tina is the 20th person we’ve helped this year and the 706th since we started OTS in 2014. Read more about us at OTSHB.COM.

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