Tara and her 2 boys, 6/15/15

6-10 PICTUREToday Tara and her 2 boys got off the streets and into permanent housing. Read her story below…

Tara became homeless when there was a mix up with the move in date for an apartment that she had put a deposit on, which she ended up losing (both the apartment and the deposit). In the mean time she bought some time from where she used to live while she searched for another place by paying for two to three days at a time just so she and her boys had a place to live. She then applied for a new apartment but the housing authority took a very long time approving her application. In the mean time she couldn’t afford to keep paying her old apartment rent by the days, so she got a storage unit and began to move out which was another expense that depleted her already limited funds. They were then forced to live in their car. A teacher from her boys school bought them a hotel room for a couple nights but then they were forced to live in their car again. Tara then called us, we built a budget with her, she found a rental that fit this budget, and we were able to pay the security deposit to her new landlord. Now this single Mom and her 2 boys are in a safe and secure place where they can get back on their feet.

Tara, we wish you and your 2 sons the very best in your new apartment.

Tara and her 2 boys bring the total number of people we’ve helped escape homelessness to 98.


6/17/2015 Update – A thank you note from Tara:

Dear Off The Streets,
Thank you, thank you, thank you I can not thank you enough. Im so appreciative and so grateful. God bless you! And keep me and my boys in your prayers. As I will do the same for you.
Thank you so much

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