Shiniqua and her 2 kids, 4/6/18

Today we congratulate Shiniqua and her 2 kids for ending their homeless situation by getting into their own apartment. After Shiniqua contacted us for help we built a budget with her to determine how much rent she could afford. After she found a place that fit this budget we were happy to help them move in by paying the security deposit. We will soon be providing this family with household goods and furniture to give them a fresh start in their new place. Read her story below:

Hello! My name is Shiniqua Green and here is my story. If I had to sum up the cause(s) of my homelessness, I would say it was underemployment, loss of wages, and a series of unfortunate events. I had my own residence from 2009 until 2017, when I was given a 90-day Notice to Vacate. I was receiving Housing Assistance Payments (Section 8) but still could not avoid my homeless situation – I had no savings whatsoever and my income had just decreased.

Through a series of unfortunate events I was given a “90-DAY NOTICE TO TERMINATE MONTH TO MONTH TENANCY”. How could they do this to me? I’ve always been a good tenant! Thinking – I would contact them and apologize and if they let me stay I will be an even better tenant than before. Depression – I can’t even think about this without getting emotional. There I was, in even worse shape before because I still didn’t know where I could move that had affordable units but now added to this problem was my inability to come up with move-in money.

My aunt has been a lifesaver. My children and I have never had to live on the streets. She’s been unbelievably kind and generous and never once made me feel like we were being intrusive. But my aunt is going to retire and has informed me that she will be selling her house soon. And while I don’t find myself sleeping on the streets or shuffling around here and there, I am facing a homeless situation because of this. To add to it, I have not been able to secure full-time employment so the money that I do get in has been spent first and foremost on providing for my kids and the bills that I already had. This also means that I have not been able to save money for a security deposit.

Once I began my housing search I also Googled Security Deposit assistance and learned about the wonderful organization, Off The Streets. I applied and here I am asking for help. I have a found a nice 2-bedroom apartment in the city of Riverside which requires a security deposit and I just don’t have it. Speaking quite candidly, I feel powerless and I feel lost but I still have a small glimmer of hope. I am asking for help with a security deposit which will put my family back in a position to thrive and make it in life. On the bright side, I was recently hired as a permanent part-time employee of Moreno Valley Unified School District as a Child Development Assistant I and this gives me the opportunity to move up to better position. Both my children are doing well in school and have adjusted well and are looking forward to having our own place to call home again. Thank you for taking the time to read my story! – Shiniqua

This family brings our placements this year to 43 and our grand total to 553 since we started OTS in 2014. Read more about our charity at OTSHB.COM.

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