Alba, 4/14/18

Today we congratulation Alba for ending her homeless situation by getting into a rental of her own. After Aba contacted us and we built a budget with her she was able to find a very affordable apartment, and we were happy help her with the security deposit. Read her story below:

Dear OTS, I had become disabled due to a bus injury in 2001 shortly after I had an unexpected pregnancy and my mother had passed away. My siblings didn’t allow me to live in the house with them and I had no place to go and became homeless in 2002. A doctor recommend I see a specialist in California due to a high risk pregnancy and disability. I was homeless in San Diego staying at the shelter Gods extended hand in 2011. I went to the hospital for mental health and while in the hospital in San Diego I was attacked by my roommate who left me with further injuries. In the meantime I signed up for section 8. Doctors in San Diego recommended I see a specialist in Orange County after some time they told me they couldn’t see me. Finally I got an apartment with section 8 and the living situation was terrible so bad that my health grew worse due to the mold and bugs. Doctors had prescribed medications instead of putting me in rehab and I had overdosed since I was alone dealing with brain injury. I had heart problems after that. I transferred my voucher out of state to see medical specialist in March 2016. I came back to Orange County where I have been staying in the Mercy House armory in Fullerton since October 2017. Due to medical expenses and traveling I have had trouble saving money for deposit. This is why I am writing to you seeking help for deposit assistance. -Alba

Alba is the 44th homeless person that we’ve placed into permanent housing this year and the 554th person we’ve placed since we started OTS in 2014. Learn more about our charity and mission to house the homeless at OTSHB.COM.

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