Robert, 12/22/17

Today we congratulate Robert for ending his homeless situation. Read his story below as written by his sister who we worked with to get Robert into permanent housing:

Dear OTS, sorry ive been such a problem, anyways bob has been basically homeless since approx august 18th his girl he’s been with for approx 39 years had a major stroke, needed round the clock care more than he could provide this was over a two year period. I helped trying to get her a caregiver then they needed a line in applied through housing. They agreed after her doctor wrote a letter so they approved a two bedroom one thing after another her family that hasn’t helped at all decided she was going to a nursing home, she at first did not want to go but after her family had a lot of talks decided the day after the move out of there upstairs apartment. She couldn’t get around from up there, so they lost that apartment that’s just part of it they were so wrong. My brother whom had taken good care of her for a long time went into a deep depression scared all of us his family i helped him when i could let him stay my place from time to time was basically couch. Hopping, a friends one night in his car a few nights only had a limited time before his housing voucher expired so i really was working hard as he has dyslexia bipolar depression i believe he’s beginning alzheimer’s need to get to the doctor next. His friend tammy waitmen through mental health told me of this place were at now. Some friend at the church told me of you so am asking please help. Hez finally smiling a little not to much but some is better than none. Thank you so much.

Robert is our 200th placement this year, 2017, and our 510th placement since we started OTS in 2014. Read about our Campaign To House 1000 Homeless By 2020.

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