Phyllis, 9/26/14

Phyllis McKnightPlease meet Phyllis, our 13th person placed!
Sometimes you may see someone and not even know they are homeless, and that describes Phyllis perfectly! Phyllis is a beautiful woman, and until today she was also homeless. She had been living in a shelter for victims of domestic violence but her allotted time there ended. Knowing she couldn’t go back to her previous home, she called us. Within days Phyllis found a room to rent and we got her into it by paying her security deposit. OTS is so happy that Phyllis has a place to call home!





Phyllis also came by on 9/28/14 to pickup some furniture. See video below

Later that same day (Sunday 9/28/14) we delivered furniture to Phyllis’s new place
Phyllis move in Sept 2014Long Beach-Lakewood-20140928-00014

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