Over 600 Homeless Housed!

Hello OTS Supporters,

We are very happy to share with all of you that after being in operation for just over 4 years, we recently reached the milestone of placing over 600 homeless into permanent housing.

This was only possible through the most generous donations of your time, talents, and treasure:

  • To our financial donors who entrusted us with the money to pay for security deposits to get the homeless housed – nearly 95% of the people we helped have remained housed!
  • To our furniture donors who gave us furniture and essential household goods to help our clients turn their rentals into a real home.
  • To our passionate and dedicated team volunteers who gave us countless hours of your time and talent to build budgets for our clients, pick up furniture donations, and deliver that furniture to our clients.

To all of you, THANK YOU!

We look forward to continue working with all of you, the entire community of OTS supporters, in the pursuit of our goal to place 1000 homeless by 2020.

From all of us at Off The Streets – Huntington Beach

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