Miriam and her 3 kids, 12/20/17

Today we congratulate Miriam and her 3 kids for ending their homeless situation. In addition to paying their deposit so they could move in, we will soon be providing this family much needed furniture so they can get a fresh start in their new rental. Read Miriam’s story below:

I am a widow of a US Marine who was killed and hit and run in 2015. I have three small children ages 12, 10 and 8. I am battling cervical cancer for the second time and find it hard to keep my spirits up when I have no support. My children and I became homeless after My husband was killed on April 8, 2015. and after my landlord illegally evicted us so that she could rent her home again for a much larger amount. Unfortunately, we have no family support or friends to whom we can count on or offer us a place to stay. I consider myself homeless because I have no relatives or friends that would take me and my children in. For the past year we have been staying with an an employer where I act as a live in home health aid to her Father while she works a graveyard shift. That is the ONLY reason I was allowed to stay. She has kicked me out in the street twice before from one day to the next. This past year and a half have been extremely stressful and has affected my health. I honestly do not have a place to go or support anyone. Just yesterday I found the belongings we had stored in the garage were outside on the street. Just recently I finally found a home that accepted my lease application and accepts section 8. I hope that Off the Streets can bless us with the funds for security deposit so that we can move in before Christmas. I have finally found hope just at the right time. I have received a section 8 voucher and now OFF THE STREETS is making our Christmas by blessing us with deposit for a home. Our family might not have christmas gifts this year but a home is the only wish we ALL wished for and that is what we received. Thank you all that donated to this gund and to the wonderful volunteers who made this possible!

This family brings our placements this year to 198 and our grand total placed since 2014 up to 508. Read about our Campaign To House 1000 Homeless By 2020.

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