Michelle and her son, 11/14/18

Please join us today in congratulating Michelle and her son for getting into their own rental after being without their own home for the last few months. We will soon be providing this family with essential household goods and furniture to give them a fresh start. Read their story below.

Dear OTS,
I was living with my cousin and her two children renting a room for me and my son. I moved in after separating from my husband. My son and I were just getting on our feet. One evening we were a victims of a crime at that home. After the incident both me and my son suffered from anxiety and have been seeing a therapist that advise me to move out of the home because my son suffered the most because he would no longer go into the home and we both do not feel safe after this. Due to this i had to take off from work to attend to my son which put me in a financial hardship. I have been staying with family from August 8th the day the incident happen. I did try to go back until I found a place but my son could not sleep and would cry and we would be up until early morning when he would finally fall asleep this was just for one night. I have stayed with family because I did not anyone else to stay with and they only have a couch for me and my son to share if i could have afford a hotel we would of been there but due to the financial hardship. Where I’m staying we stay in the den on the couch because they already have a house full in which we are very crowded for the time being until I find a home for me and my son. I need help with my deposit because I have less than perfect credit score and my finances are limited due to having to take time off for my son. I also need help with a few things like furniture so that I can make sure my son has a nice place to call home.
Thank you so much,

This single mom and her son bring our placements this year to 172 and our grand total since we started OTS in 2014 up to 682. Read more about our work here OTSHB.COM.

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