Michelle and her 3 kids, 11/5/14

Michell and 3 kidsMeet the family of 4 that brings our total placements this year to 40 people. Michelle struggles with health problems but with subsidized housing she and her 3 kids were doing fine. Suddenly the landlord decided not to accept tenants who received this benefit and Michelle and kids were forced to leave. She was sure she could find another apartment that accepted subsidized housing but then she realized there was no way she could afford the security deposit and first month’s rent at the same time. She and her kids were now homeless, couch hopping and staying in motels. Two months went by and then someone told her about Off The Streets-Huntington Beach. Michelle contacted us and worked with us over a 6 week period. Finally, she found a place that fit the budget we built with her and we were able to pay her security deposit so Michelle and family could move into a new place!

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