Robert, 11/3/14

RobertNever lose hope is the lesson we learn from our 36th person placed, Robert! 4 years ago Robert was laid off from his job and things went downhill from there. He couldn’t afford his rent so he lost his apartment. He couldn’t afford his car payment so he lost his car. He lost everything he had and ended up on the streets. He slept wherever he could, in a bush, on a bench, and when he was lucky, in a friend’s car. After being on the waiting list for subsidized housing for 4 years, he received this benefit. However, subsidize housing only assists with rent, not the security deposit. Robert did not have enough money for that. So he contacted us and we were able to pay his landlord the amount it took to get Robert off the streets. Robert said the best thing about being in a home after 4 years is having his own shower!

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