Maryam and her 3 kids, 9/28/16

maryam-and-3-kids-9-28-16Today we congratulate Maryam and her 3 kids for getting out of their homeless situation and into a home of their own. We were happy to assist this single Mom with a personalized budget and by paying her security deposit to allow them to move in. We will soon be providing this family with essential household goods and furniture. Read her story below.

My name is Maryam and I am a single mother of 3 beautiful children. I have 10 year old twin’s, a girl and a boy, and a 4 year old son. In 2015 I was working as a caregiver. The job I was working for shut down because of other caregivers doing elderly abuse. Very sad. I miss my clients. So I ended up losing my place. I had no income for my rent. I been staying place to place, sleeping in my car with my children and at a church shelter. God knows I am tired. My kid’s deserve more. I have a housing voucher and found an apartment. The owner is very nice and is willing to work with me. I am a strong, hard­ working mother that loves her children and I thank God for blessing me with the housing voucher.

Maryam – From all of us at Off The Streets – Huntington Beach, we wish you the best and really enjoyed working with you!


This family brings our total placements this year to 74 and our total since our startup to 251.

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