Jennifer and her 2 girls, 9/23/16

jennifer-and-2-daughters-9-22-16Today was a very happy day for Jennifer and her 2 girls. With some assistance from us with a budget and security deposit, Jennifer was finally able to get her and her girls into a home of their own. Read her story of struggle, persistence, and personal victory below:

Dear Off the streets, My name is Jennifer and I have 2 daughters that are 5 and 9. We were looking for another apartment for months because the rent where we were was raising all the time over every little thing they did to upgrade so it was causing a lot of stress. I lost my last job in Febuary 2016 so the stress was out of control. We used everything we had to keep going and in May I got the job that I have which was such a blessing I thought everything would be uphill from there. Playing catch up was harder than I thought and it caught up with us. The amount of stress over this has damaged our family so much that I cry at the scars that it caused us. We literally applied everywhere there was an opening and kept paying application fees but never got a thing. Down to the last day we got doors shut so we were out on the streets and completely lost. We’ve been spending our money on hotels and trying to keep it together but my husband turned to what he knows to ease his pain. That made things so much worse. A couple of days ago through keeping in contact with one manager I had put all my hope in, I waiting for his reply in if he would follow through with approving us to live in the property he was renting. He texted and emailed me to meet with him on Sunday. I was in so much darkness I didn’t think I even cared if we moved anywhere because I thought my hope was gone. Our girls always stay positive because mama knows how to make it an adventure. Anyway that Sunday I met with the manager it was a God send. He hugged me and told me everything was going to be great and pointed out all the beautiful things in my life and how to step forward. He said it was mine if I’ll take it! I couldn’t comprehend it really. But when I left I realized it and it changed me completely. Then knowing off the streets would help so that we can move in and get comfortable in a home for years of security for my girls. I hope going through this will help us to be closer and appreciate our new place that much more! Thank you so much to OTS for accepting us and believing in people. I think having people support you and encourage you makes a difference that will last a lifetime. All from the heart.Thank you, Jennifer

Jennifer and girls – all of us at OTS congratulate you and wish you the very best in your new home!


This single Mom and her 2 girls bring our total placements this year to 70 and our total since our startup in 2014 to 247.

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