‘Leza’, 6/30/18

Today we congratulate ‘Leza’ (privacy protected) for ending her homeless situation. After Leza called us, we built a budget with her and were happy to help her with her security deposit after she found a rental she could afford.

Dear OTS, I am a career oriented single woman starting over. In 2012 I was compelled by Love and compassion to come to my ill Mothers call. I changed my Career and become a full-time Caregiver. It was my Mothers turning point from dementia to diagnosed, Alzheimer’s and Heart Disease. This was devastating for me. I had little to no help at all in her 24 care. Oftentimes it was depressing to see her decline. I knew in my heart that she would care the same for me if I had a life threatening illness. It was a Daughters love, for a hard working loving Mother. Initially I worked less hours on my job as a 7 year in, full-time Security Officer. The demand of my time to take care of my Mother became greater. As I had the ability and determination to care for her as the horrible Alzheimer’s Disease took over. I had no choice other than to change my Career path to care for my Mother. There was no one else. The changes in my life left me homeless at the end of her care and death. During this time of care, I educated myself as much as possible and added knowledge to my Care-giving. I could see myself financially helpless and becoming destitute. Personally spiraling down financially, I became involved in educating myself through materials by the Alzheimer’s Organization. I felt my knowledge would someday be power. My Mother also had, Heart Disease as a secondary illness. I wanted to give her the best possible care at her ” end stage ” of life. My Mother’s Alzheimer’s Disease eventually fully shut down her brain function which lead to her organs shutting down their functions. My Mother passed away April 2017 of failure of the Kidneys. I was left homeless and without a self-sustaining job. Today I am still homeless. Several times over the last year had to sleep in my car. At times I was able to temporarily stay with friends and sometimes family sleeping on the floor, sofa or in a chair. I have been living out of my car and trunk. This is a very hard and difficult way to live but I have had no choice in picking myself up to do better. I have been applying for Jobs for over a year! Through me educating myself as a Caregiver, I applied for a position as a ” Patient Care Technician ” with a Kidney Disease Clinic 6 months ago. I recently became employed with this company 1 month ago today! After 13 months of being Unemployed and homeless, I’m reaching out for help from Off The Streets Program. Without this help I will be sleeping in my car and trying to work a job. My Job would then be jeopardized without immediate help for a proper place to live, sleep and function normally for living. With monetary help and the budget from from OTSHB my future looks bright once again. Sincerely, ‘Leza’

‘Leza’ brings our placements this year to 90 and our grand total since we started OTS in 2014 up to 600. Read more about our charity at OTSHB.COM.

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