Leanne’s Family of 6, 6/22/17

Today we congratulate Leanne’s family of 6 for getting out of their homeless situation and into their own rental. Read their story here:

Hi my name is Leanne. I have been residing at my address for the past eight years. I had recently asked my landlord to do a couple repairs around the place. Well she said she was going to go ahead and fix things but then about two months later we had a turn for the worst. We received a letter at 10:30pm by some random man that said we had to vacate the premises so they could sell. I had no way to get a deposit to move. I have no way to get a security deposit to find a new place so I’m going to be stuck staying with friends for now. We have to split up to stay with people because nobody wants all 6 of us. If I can’t get into a place within a certain amount of time they will take me off my housing voucher then I won’t have anything. I have no family to help me and no way to find security deposit. I heard about off the streets so I called to find out information. They helped me through the steps and helped me get my security deposit. Thank you off the streets.

Leanne and family, congratulations from all of us at Off The Streets!

This family brings our placements this year to 107 and our grand total to 417 since we started housing the homeless in 2014.

Off the Streets – Huntington Beach

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