Latesha and her 2 sons, 5/28/15

5-15 PICTURE OF HER AND KIDSCongratulations to Latesha and her 2 boys for getting into a home of their own. This brings the total number of people we’ve placed to 88.

We are happy to report that we paid the security deposit this week that allowed Latesha and her 2 boys to get off the street and into a home of their own. They had been homeless for over a month due to her parents losing their home. Her only option was for her and her boys to sleep in her car in parks. The heat during the day and the cold at night combined with them being cramped in her car caused them to get sick a lot. When they could they bathed at friends’ houses or even within the park when necessary. Latesha’s goal was to simply provide a better and safer place for her and her kids, and this week with our help she made that happen.

Latesha, we wish you and your boys the very best in your new place.

From all of us at Off The Streets – Huntington Beach

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