Asha and her daughter, 5/29/15

AshaandDaughterAsha and her daughter are happy to be in a home of their own. This brings the total people we’ve placed to 90.

Asha and her daughter became homeless 7 months ago after she lost her job. She and her daughter had to sleep on floor of relatives until she could get back on her feet. Asha recently got a new job at Sam’s Club which gave her the means to pay monthly rent, but she still needed help with the initial security deposit to get a place of her own. That’s when she contacted Off The Streets to help her get out of her homeless situation. This week we were able to pay Asha’s security deposit to her new landlord, which allowed her and her daughter to move into their own place.

Asha, we wish you and your daughter the very best in your new apartment.

From all of us at Off The Streets – Huntington Beach.


Update on 6/4/15 – A Thank You Letter from Asha.

I’m Really Blessed to Have Came Across Such Angels As Yourself, Yes You Are God Servants, And Me And My Daughter Want To Say Thank You So Very Much, To Have Blessed Us With A Roof Over Our Heads, And To Have A Peace Of Mind.

Thank You Off The Streets
Asha & Daughter

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